This documentation describes in detail the Communote REST API Version 3.0. The Communote REST API Version 3.0 is supported by Communote 3.0

The resources of this API can be accessed directly by HTTP or HTTPS depending on the configuration of the Communote Installation to be used.

There exists also a Java Client that eases the access to the Communote REST API. This Java based CommunoteClient is provided on request.

In the first Chapter Getting Started the usage of the API is demonstrated by simple examples.

The chapter Usage of Resources describes in detail the resources that can be used to access Communote or perform certain actions.

Furthermore you find chapters for every resource provides by the Communote REST API Version 3.0. The chapter Available Resources gives you an overview of all resources.

The last chapter Usage of CommunoteClient gives you informations about important classes and available methods of CommunoteClient for Java.