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3.1 Components and Frameworks

More information will be coming soon.

3.1.1 Backend

3.1.2 Frontend Filterchain Controller Widgets Plugins MessageQueue

3.2 Modules and Java Packages

More information will be coming soon.

3.3 Terms and Concepts

3.3.1 Kenmei

While browsing through Communote’s source code you might stumble across the term “kenmei” for instance in names of classes, methods or fields. Kenmei, which is the romanization of the Japanese word 件名 that can be translated with tag or subject, was Communote’s internal code name. Therefore it can just be substituted with Communote.

3.3.2 Client, Standalone and SaaS

3.3.3 Blog vs. Topic

3.3.4 Portal?

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